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We offer lessons in both English & Western disciplines (both full-size and Miniature Horses) as well as performance lessons with Miniature Horses (Miniature Horse also training available).

About Weeping Willow Miniatures, LLC

🕐 Personalized Lessons: We understand that everyone learns at their own pace. That's why we provide 30-minute private lessons to kickstart your journey. Our experienced instructors will assess your progress and determine when you're ready to join one of our dynamic 1-hour group lessons with riders/drivers of a similar level. Get ready to learn, grow, and bond with fellow enthusiasts!

🗓️ Consistent Schedule: No more guessing when it's your turn for a lesson! At Weeping Willow Miniatures, LLC, we assign each student a specific day and time each week for their lesson. This ensures that you have dedicated time set aside for improving your skills and reaching new milestones.

✨ Join us today! Whether you're an absolute beginner or looking to enhance your expertise, our expert instructors are here to guide you every step of the way. Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity – enroll now and let the adventure begin!

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Testimonials From Happy Riders


Elizabeth Augustus


I highly recommend Weeping Willow Miniatures! The owner, Catherine, is highly knowledgeable in english and western disciplines, miniature horse training and driving, and dog training. She has an uncanny ability to connect with students of all ages and backgrounds. She is truly invested in the development of her student's riding skills, but also their horsemanship knowledge. Catherine challenges her students to grow and improve, while maintaining a clear understanding of their individual goals and comfort level. She tailors her dog training experience to the needs of both the owner and animal, helping them to achieve their individual goals. Catherine's expertise, patience, and genuine care for her students make it an outstanding place for learning and growing as an equestrian or dog owner.


Amy DeLong


Our daughter began riding at Weeping Willow about two years ago. She loves it!! Catherine teaches not only riding but also care for the horses. Our daughter loves spending time at the barn, whether she is riding horses or working in the barn. It is therapeutic to work with animals and she has truly found her happy place! Catherine and the other students are very laid back and down-to-earth. Our daughter enjoys the atmosphere and is free to learn but have a good time!.


Leslie Jean Byrd


I have learned so much at Weeping Willow Miniatures! The environment is so relaxed and everyone is so sweet and kind! Catherine is such an amazing teacher. I not only learn a lot in lessons but I also get to have so much fun. I’ve had so many great opportunities since I chose this place as my barn family and I would choose it again a million times! Catherine is so flexible and works very hard to make sure everyone has personalized lessons and she’s always been great working with my crazy work and school schedules! This is by far the most professional and family like barn I’ve ever ridden at and I am so happy to have found such an incredible place to do what I love! (:

We look forward to seeing you at the barn!